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2020 Reset: Savvy Salads

Picture this. A small church gymnasium. Cold metal folding chairs around tables covered in pink plastic. Lots and lots of females. Only women, several generations of several families. More tables, covered with a potlach of mayo-based concoctions: “salads.” This was the annual Mt. Olivet Baptist Church Salad-Rama. After filling our styrofoam plates with various shades of creamy white, we ate and listened to the pastor’s wife. She spoke from a podium about our role as women in the family, in the church, and in the world. 
I attended for several years with my mother and sister. My grandmother invited us, as it was her church. We knew it was important to her, so we showed up. It made her happy. I was never comfortable with any part of it, but it made my grandmother proud that she could tell her pastor that we were all there together. 
But the food…oh, the food! Macaroni salad, egg salad, fruit salad. There might have been some color under the dressings, but who knows? I’m sure there was …

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