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Still Cookin', Good-Lookin'!

I've been teaching 6th grade art for 7 weeks now. It's nuts. We all thought last year was weird and tough, but this year? Off the HOOK. Not sure why yet. But I DO know I need to stay on top of my health. I'm slowing meeting new, wonderful doctors in the KU Health System. Primary doc, ob/gyn, rheumatologist, dermatologist, imaging lab, general lab (love these ladies). Next up, ophthalmologist. It takes a team for any hope of wellness success! Somehow, most evenings after teaching, I'm finding the energy to cook dinner. It takes some serious planning, though. Sundays I make a list of the meals and snacks I want to repeat or attempt for the first time. I'm trying to stay seasonal, getting inspiration from the many Instagram foodies that I follow. Don't get me wrong, I could consume sharp cheddar, sourdough, and gin all day and be thrilled. But I know I need a bit more color and diversity.  Below are some recent successes. Fall is slowly crawling it's way to Kan

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