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Mediterranean Beets & Spaghetti Squash

Spring is near, can you sense it? I can’t wait! Meanwhile, I’m just thankful that the crazy snow and ice is out of sight. I have a hard time eating my fresh veg when gazing at an arctic landscape. Beware of these two stellar recipes. You will find yourself picking them off the baking pan and noshing straight from the skillet. They are super healthy Mediterranean bites, and can be eaten as is or with protein added such as shredded chicken, feta, and/or a hard-boiled or over-easy egg. And they hold up great in the refrigerator for a few days, unlike traditionally dressed salads. Eat them at room temperature or very slightly warmed.   A note on a few of the ingredients: Notice the beet greens (stems and leaves). Instead of tossing, incorporate with the kale. Beet greens are sweeter and even more nutritious than kale. Shallots can hard to find and can be expensive. You can sub red onion. Just soak the sliced red onion in water for about 30 minutes to cut down on the intensity. Shallots are

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