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Intersection of Food & Art

There is a crazy rich history of food and art coming together in super-creative ways. Andy Warhol's soup cans , Arcimboldo's fruit and veg portraits, van Gogh's potato eaters , Thiebault's desserts . These days, it seems if something isn't Instagram-worthy, it only gets a glance. So many sexy photographs of carefully-plated food...a scrolling addiction for sure! But I want to continue doing more than food styling. I want my food to look beautiful like a juicy oil-painting and my art drool-inducing like a crusty, buttered sourdough boule. Meanwhile, it's a good time to look back a few years to see how I've approached this intersection in the past. These sketches/images might serve as springboards for new work, or remain a chapter in my foodie artsy past. Who knows?!  Back to the studios...

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