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Dips, Baby, Dips

I don’t know about you, but I could call a trio of dips a meal. Or, add a side salad and cup of soup, and you’re really set. Did you know?   The origin of the word “dip” supposedly comes from Old English, from a Germanic base * d(e)up - ‘deep, hollow’. The derived verb, * dupjan , produced Old English  dyppan , ancestor of modern English  dip . It originally meant quite specifically ‘immerse’ in Old English, sometimes with reference to baptism; the sense ‘incline downwards’ is a 17th-century development. French onion as a flavor emerged in the 17th century.  Sour cream was invented in the US between 1815 – 1825. Somewhere around there, the first dip as we know it must have come into being. Also, many cuisine-related sources claim that hummus is one of the oldest known prepared foods in the Middle East stretching back to antiquity. Some say it was made in the 18th-century Damascus while others claimed that it was first prepared in the 12th century by Saladin. Even the Egyptians ate chic

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