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Top 5 Reasons to Hire Me

1. You are trying to lose weight. Eating at home can be healthier than eating out all the time! I can help you meet your weight loss goals by stocking your refrigerator with healthy, delicious meals that you’ll actually look forward to eating.

2. You’ve had a major life event. Maybe you just had a baby, just moved, started a new job or just got married. When these big life-changing events occur, cooking for yourself is the last thing on your mind. I can help get you through the transition!

3. You’ve been diagnosed with a food intolerance condition or you’ve had bariatric surgery. Now that eating habits are going to have to change, you’ll need to learn more about the new dietary restrictions. I can help by preparing food that meets the requirements of a new diet but still tastes amazing.

4. You are focused on your career. Sometimes to get where you want to be in life, you need to sacrifice other areas to focus on your career. Make sure you eat healthy while you climb the ladder with my help.

5. You want to spend more time doing the things that you love. Let’s face it, there are only so many hours in the day. When you spend too many of those hours preparing and cooking meals and cleaning up your kitchen, you are missing out on time you could spend with your family, friends, or participating in your favorite hobby. Having a personal chef in your home means you can spend more of your time doing the things that you love!

Home-Delivered, Customized Personal Chef Service

Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly Meals

5 entrees $300 (4 servings each)
4 entrees $250 (4 servings each)
3 entrees $180 (4 servings each)
2 entrees $125 (4 servings each)

Cost includes price of groceries. Meals include entree and sides.
Meals customized to your family's allergies, likes, cravings, wants on a weekly basis. I will text you before your delivery day to check in and see what you might be wanting that particular week. 

Contact me through phone or email and we'll discuss a date for a consultation. At consultation we'll discuss food preferences, allergies, dietary restrictions, etc. We'll set a day of the week for delivery.
On cook date, I will shop for best ingredients according to your discussed needs. I will text you with an ETA so that someone is home to receive the delivery. Meals will be packaged and placed in a tote. We simply switch out containers and tote the following week.

Home-Delivered, Restricted Menu Personal Chef Service

Each Thursday, I text families a restricted menu of at least 3 entrees and 2 sides at set prices.
You text me your order by Saturday and pay through Venmo. Some families buy one or two items, sometimes all of them or a double order of an item. I will give you an ETA morning of delivery so someone can meet me at the door. Meals will be packaged and placed in a tote. We simply switch out containers and tote the following week. Contact me if you'd like to receive the text.

Current Deliveries

Kansas City: Mondays

Joplin Metro: Tuesdays

Example of a week's text:

     πŸ₯˜Next Week’s Menu


     Roasted Chicken & Summer Veggies 🌽 πŸ— 

     Tortellini in Pork Ragu πŸ– πŸ… 

     Bang Bang Shrimp & Rice 🍚 🍀 mild


     Veggie Spring Rolls & Dipping Sauce

     Bite-Size Bahn Mi Sammies


In-Home Events

Prep is done in my kitchen and delivered to yours to finish cooking and serving.

Lunch or Dinner Parties (up to 12)
Brunch (up to 12)
Bridal and Baby Showers (up to 25)
Holiday Meals (up to 12)
Romantic Dinner for 2

Prices vary.
4 course menus available, with pairings.
Wine available through Scout and Cellar: Josie Mai, Independent Wine Consultant

Catered Snack Platters
Perfect for holiday parties or special occasions
$75 per platter, delivered
You provide plates, napkins, silverware, beverages


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