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"I have tried several meal prep avenues and I would get burned out a bit. Either too much of my time involved or not enough flavor diversity. What I needed is exactly what Josie has to offer. Full, healthy and diverse meals, all ready to eat. No prepping or cleaning all those pots and pans afterwards. This is the whole package folks. If we are craving something we just let her know, it's that easy. She asks for feedback on meals each week and I have been doing it for several weeks already. No complaints whatsoever. I'm just glad I started using her services NOW instead of being stuck in the spiral or "what's for dinner" dilemma. She will tailor anything to your needs. I think our request was a tall one to swallow, which was following Whole30. She came through and through. The best part of it all is that I know what is in my food I am eating and it is always prepared correctly...and it tastes better than mine! " 

Caley Hedman, weekly client

"I had so much fun at the cooking class! I lost my husband a little over a year ago and I have not cooked a good healthy meal since then because it was no longer fun to cook. You inspired me to not only start cooking again (and finding joy in it) but to start eating healthier. With your recommendations I was able to go to the store and pick up yummy options that made me feel like I am eating gourmet instead of missing out on my typical junk-food-filled basket. I even roasted butternut squash twice this past weekend and it was amazing! Thank you for all of your amazing tips and for opening up your home to me. I can’t wait for the next class!"

Deena R. Murdock, LCSW at Ozark Center

“I felt like I was back in Napa, sipping great wine and the most amazing food. Who knew this kind of food was available here in Joplin! I can’t wait to use Josie for all of my future wine/dinner parties!”

Natty Red

"My dad had a haircut in Joplin the night before he died... I saw him around 7 when he stopped by to pick up their half of the meals you made (he passed around 1am). We visited about Last Chance U on Netflix. We talked about Fisher DeBerry (a coach at USAFA). We sampled your dishes. He liked the funky spaghetti squash and loved the stroganoff.  

Because of your dishes, I saw my dad on a night that I wouldn’t have normally. We chatted for 20 min and  before he left he hugged me and said, “I love you.” It is such a gift.

I just want to thank you for creating the vehicle that allowed me one more sweet moment with my amazing dad. I owe ya one, kid!"

Rachel Stanley, weekly client

"We loved the chill vibe and the unique, artsy design of the kitchen. The instruction was great. We loved how you were there for assistance and instruction, but taught in a such a chill and fun way that it kept a good energy and gave us confidence. The amount of space and flow of the kitchen was great. Easy access to everything and arranged perfectly. Delicious food with just the right amount. We also loved that wine was provided with the full course meal."

Jared and Taryn, cooking students


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