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I am an artist. Food happens to be my latest medium. I make art we get to eat! Like so many others, I’ve had a long struggle with food. Obese, all of my life. It’s a family trait. One we joke about and cry about, but at least we talk about it and try to help one another on our journeys. Three out of five of us have had gastric sleeve surgery. At a whopping 284 pounds, I decided to have the surgery when I had to ask for a seatbelt extension on an airplane. Diets had never worked, exercise was never enough; my metabolism was stubborn and set. I lost 90 pounds and kept it off for three years. Two years before the surgery I started getting serious about cooking at home. Now I cook every day, and I’m learning more about food, nutrition, flavor profiles, and portions. 
Since I’m an artist and teacher, I have a need to share my beautiful and delicious food with family and friends. I am obsessed. I want others to experience the health, joy, creativity and scrumptiousness of great food. But I've never wanted the restaurant life. The frenetic pace and sheer hours in the day are not of interest to me. I want to do my food at my pace, for a few clients at a time. I want to get feedback, and customize for my clients. So the model of personal chef sprinkled with a bit of catering seems to be my best life so far. I love it. 

My food aesthetic is always work in progress as I learn and share. Presentation is of utmost importance; I'm an artist! We eat with our eyes first. Whole food, local food, organic food, colorful food. Assembled with few preparations Simple, beautiful and few ingredients in a meal. Season it well. Texture is king. 

"Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much."  Michael Pollan


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