Balanced Symphonies

The following recipes are symphonies, balancing simply prepared proteins, vegetables, grains, fresh herbs, citrus, and seasonings. This formula can be applied any day with your favorites of each of these categories. Believe it or not, I had all of these ingredients on hand. I started with the leftover pork and salmon, then built out the recipe from there.

Here’s how it went in my head: “I have salmon, what veg do I have that I’d like with that? Oooh, carrots, they are starting to turn. So, roast to save them and to be delicious. I have a huge bag of kale, let’s use that for some green. Throw a quartered egg in there for more protein. Hmm, need something to pull it all together, some kind of tangy sauce. OOOH, I’ve been making lots of Mediterranean recipes, let’s use Greek yogurt underneath this glorious pile. Don’t forget the magical combo of herbs and citrus!” Nom nom nom.


Have fun with components you already have in the fridge and pantry. Decide what flavor profile you are in the mood for, and use those seasonings and sauces. Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Moroccan, Greek, Persian, or simply salt and pepper. When every part is prepped, don’t just dump them in a bowl. Plate them artfully and savor your master work. Cheers.



Flaked salmon and tangy yogurt sauce


Salmon fillet

·      Rub flesh side of salmon with olive oil, salt, za’atar and bake at 425 for 20 minutes. Use a fork to flake the salmon.

Yogurt sauce

·      Whisk Greek yogurt, lemon juice, salt, and finely chopped parsley.


·      Chop to bite size, toss with olive oil, salt and pepper and roast at 425 for 15 minutes.


·      Steam or boil eggs for 9 minutes for jammy, and 12 minutes for hard boiled.


·      Cut out tough center rib and finely slice.


Top with lemon juice, chopped parsley, crushed red pepper, and Kosher salt.




Crispy pork and saffron rice


Crispy pork

·      Chop pork butt into 2-inch pieces, put in Instant Pot for 40 minutes after stirring in one cup of broth and salt, pepper, and favorite seasonings. Remove with slotted spoon and spread onto baking sheet. Shred with forks. Broil for 10 minutes to get crispy.

Saffron rice

·      Boil jasmine rice with pinch of saffron threads, turmeric, salt and pepper, covered, with a ratio of 1:2 rice: water or broth for 15 minutes then take off heat and let sit for 10 minutes.


·      Chop grape, cherry, or the reddest tomatoes.


·      Cut avocado in half lengthwise, remove pit, and scoop out with spoon. Slice thinly lengthwise.


Top with lime juice, chopped cilantro, crushed red pepper, and sea salt.