How We Eat

My Mom's Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. She gave it to me. Published in the '50s.
Such unappetizing photos! Is this still our food culture?

This year, I want to focus on how we eat here in the southwest corner of Missouri and beyond. Where do we eat, what do we eat, who do we eat with? And why? Are we satisfied with our eating and therefore our health? Do we feel good? Do we care? We are so busy, we often get locked into our routines. I want to explore those routines and see if we can encourage one another towards better eating. 

I'm extremely interested in your thoughts! And I will absolutely post my own thoughts about my own household's routines and food culture.

One way to share is through photos of great plates we've created. In my last post, I encouraged readers to email me the dishes they've made based on recipes I post in January. I welcome any comments and the story around the making of the dish. Simply email me at with your photo and story. I will post on my website and social media pages. 

The fellas do the grilling while the kids watch and learn.
The ladies bring out the supporting sides in the background.
Who is cooking in your household?

My most used kitchen tools.