My Wellness Check

wild rice and vegetables, crispy skin salmon, pantry kale salad

Heading into the holiday season, I'm preparing myself for the mountain of consumption. The huge meals, piles of gifts, and steep expectations. I am determined to keep my health and sanity in check, so I decided to start with a review of my own wellness plan in order to be mindful of the healthy, sustainable things I've put in motion.

In May of 2019, I had gastric sleeve surgery. Needing to get an extension to my seatbelt on a plane was the last straw. After much research and tons of family support, I did it. I had an extremely difficult recovery, but I consider it a success. I lost 90 pounds and felt GREAT. The past 5 1/2 years I've gained 30 of it back, which is not uncommon, but I'm working on it. Always.

But there is SO much more than weight loss that I consider when maintaining my health and happiness. I'm finally at peace with that. It's not just about the pounds. It's more about how I feel. And sometimes I have to create my happiness instead of just waiting for it to happen. 

Other wellness factors for me include managing two autoimmune diseases (lupus and APS), exercising on a regular basis, and of course, eating as best as I can (WHAT I eat, HOW it is prepared, and how MUCH). I'm finally reading some great novels. It's good for me to get out my own head and get involved in someone else's story. I bought some smell goods: fruity candles, body sprays, and body lotions. I'm taking Wellbutrin. I struggle with anxiety and depression, and this is turning out to be the best med to take my edge off. In addition, I've added vitamin D. I have an extreme shortage (most Americans do) mostly due to lupus. One month in, my energy is better. Further, I am on a new lupus med (benlysta) that used to be impossibly expensive and inconvenient, but now is in my grasp. 

The confluence of all of these intentional, mindful choices these last 8 weeks has led to the best I've ever felt. EVER. I am hoping that this combination of routines is my best life. And now it is my duty to maintain this combo through the long, dark winter and season of excess.

I'm juicing almost every day, just using whatever combos of fruit and veg I feel like,
in addition to a lemon and fresh ginger First thing in the morning is best for my schedule,
or I just won't do it later in the day. I get half of the RDA in one small glass.

What keeps you well? Make a list. In your own handwriting.
Is something missing right now? Get it back.
Is something blocking you? Ditch it.

For the next post, I'll talk about living out your best wellness combination through the holiday season. Good tips for keeping the focus and not beating yourself up with guilt. Let's do this!! And not wait until January to get our crap together!

I swim 3-4 times a week at the local YMCA, 30 minutes, easy variety of laps. Takes the weight off my feet, it's a full body work out, burns more calories than moderate walking, helps me breathe deeply and regularly almost as a meditation, and I don't notice if I sweat because I don't get hot. All good things. Absolutely the only exercise I've ever enjoyed. Ever.