Spring Fare

curried chicken salad

frittata love

chicken chili dip with spinach salad

I love stirfry. Whatever meat, whatever veg, improv on the sauce, throw in cooked noodles, top with sesame seeds and lime or lemon juice. Lots of chopping but cooks 
in a few minutes.
Bonus: lots of leftovers.

Malfatti with Bacon and Tomatoes. 
“Badly made” dumplings. 
Can’t wait until cherry tomatoes are in season.

Pork, mustard greens and pea shoots over jasmine rice.

Roasted peppers with parmesan and panko. 

Too much celery? Always. Try this spicy sautéed celery. Veg oil, splash toasted sesame oil, crushed red pepper, brown sugar and soy sauce. Once the veg was out, I whisked some corn starch into leftover liquid for a dipping sauce. Waste no more!


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