Friday, September 1, 2017

New Series: Global Cuisine

A new series is underway! I've been making food and taking photos of it for at least two years now. Concurrently, I've been making hand-rubbed collage, mostly based on mandalas and the work of Georgia O'Keeffe. Now they are finally coming together. I'm making collages based on those photographs. It is so satisfying, and I have lots of resource material. The fun part is keeping it abstract; what is it about the food, the arrangement, that makes for interesting composition and enough contrast in color and texture. I like the working title of 'Global Cuisine' because it has the double meaning; global in the sense that they are recipes that could be considered around the globe, and global in the sense that they are created from National Geographics, photographs and maps of the places all over the world. Here we go...

New Dishes Vol VII: August

Pizza on Italian bread. Tomato paste, honey, garlic, turkey sausage, mozz, parm, basil, sea salt

peanut butter, granny smith apple, extra sharp cheddar, sea salt on toasted sourdough

Store-bought chicken tenders, extra sharp cheddar, fresh green beans, baguette with hummus and roasted red pepper

NY strip steak, potatoes and green beans with pesto. 
All cooked in butter.

New mexican rice, refried black beans, red pepper relish, cilantro and lime. And Linda's toes.

Work lunch. Bowl with grains, corn, peppers, caramelized onions, feta, green onions, blueberries, pork, egg.
Hummus and tzatziki.

Eat Art Sketchbook

I created the Spiva Sketchbook Project a year ago. Invited 80 friends to complete a sketchbook in a year and give it to Spiva for display. Mine is finished. It's been a blast to combine the collage and the food, my two obsessions the last few years. These pages have been key to the development of my new larger hand-rubbed collages. Bon appetit!