Blue Apron Trial

Thought I'd give it a go. Expensive, but pre-packaged fresh food, all clearly labeled and accompanied by a cool recipe card. Verdict: not for me. My cooking is better. I was usually cooking for one, and it's just too much food. It seemed like every meal was prepped the same, in a sautee pan. Snooze. And the amount of packaging was silly. I can see how it's great for my Dad, who is really focusing on being healthier but didn't cook regularly, and my brother who cooks for family of five. Here are some of the results:

Had to have a martini during prep. Notice recipe card, and tiny labeled plastic bottle of sauce. I'd never prepared bok choi. That was a plus.

Chicken Yakiniku. Chicken breast, bok choi, jasmine rice, cold carrot salad.

Modified Blue Apron meal. Smoky pork patty with garlic sauce, roasted broccoli and potatoes with piquillo pepper sauce, and mixed greens with feta, oil and vinegar.

Salmon and apples over farro with rosemary.


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