Monday, February 27, 2017

Great Gals Brunch

New chef's jacket
Roasting winter veggies

Make your own. Signage by Lance.

The veg: eggplant, radish, sweet potatoes, shallots and kale

Pork tenderloin and parsley

Asparagus and havarti egg pie

Chocolate truffles made with dates; forgot to photograph the beautiful berry galette!

The Great Gals brunch group. It was an honor to
cook for good friends!

Lessons for Addie

So honored to teach my first student in my kitchen studio! Addie is 17, and was a natural. She made chicken enchiladas, black bean salsa, then plated and photographed everything, including my map for the session. Then we ate a serving together and critiqued it. Can't wait for our next dishes together!