Club 1201 Brunch, Reconstituted

So I had a lovely time for Sunday brunch with the Great Gals, a regular group of professors, academics, simply brilliant and sociable women. Great minds, eh? Today we met at Club 1201 in Joplin. We had a large group of 12, and they serviced us well. Pretty fantastic bloody mary and mimosa bar. I had some moscato, my latest fave. I got so hungry though, I stole a biscuit and some apricot preserves from the 'biscuit bar" and shared with a friend. Bread is not my best friend, so by the time my order came I just picked at it. Monte cristo sliders. Ham and cheese between marbled cinnamon bread with parmesan potatoes. The sliders were bigger than what I've seen as sliders, and not as large as an actual sandwich. Either way, too much for me. And the disappointment was that everything was SOGGY. Including the potatoes, just not crispy remotely. 

So I took home my leftovers. Immediately made a white chicken chili for weekday work meals, and tried making a balsamic reduction for the first time. Success! So easy! Balsamic vinegar and brown sugar boiled and simmer. Brilliant. I will use this FOREVER on ANYTHING: fruit, eggs, meats, ice cream Come ON! Then I was hungry again, so 'reconstituted' my leftovers by ditching the bread and crisping the rest in the broiler. Then topping some caramelized onions and drizzled the balsamic reduction over all. Better than brunch!