RIP Recipes

So here are some of the foods I just can't make a meal of anymore. They hurt my stomach. I can't digest them. They give me hardly any nutrition. And they were my trigger foods that led to my fat self. I couldn't stop. Four pieces of pizza. A whole big bowl of pasta. Three slices of bread. A dozen wings. With beer. After some kind of dip. Whew. I am extremely lucky that I don't crave these meals these days; I just have a fond memory of them. I can't explain why I don't crave them; but when a hankering does come around for them or it's just something everyone likes to eat, I've tried to make some healthier versions. So I can at least get the taste, fool my brain into thinking it's the full deal...


Veggie Pizza, homemade dough

My homemade version was amazing, just ask Lance. Made my own crust, added garlic to it. Tomato paste and honey as the sauce. Fresh toppings, grated mozzarella. The best. If I can get the crust thinner, this may come back for me.

Flatbread Cracker Pizza
I've only made this once. Trouble is finding the large flatbread crackers that have some flavor. Need to find a brand and order online. These are yummy and satisfyingly crunchy. Same toppings as my original pizza, but much easier to make since I just put them in the toaster oven. My toaster oven is getting more use now, since it's perfect portion size for me and I don't have to heat up the whole oven.

Pizza Cup Minis
These were divine but messy. Too much oil since I used a dollop of homemade pesto in them. Press three pieces of pepperoni into each mini muffin cup in the pan. Fill with veg, meat, bit of tomato paste, and top with mozz and parm. Bake in oven until cheese melts. Bite size delight.


Mac and Cheese with sausage and hot sauce
My thin friends controlling themselves at my mac and cheese birthday buffet

Once I figured out how to make my own mac and cheese, I was obsessed. It was scary. I even had a birthday party themed around it. Seriously. I made a huge steaming pan of it and asked friends to brings toppings. It was a big hit. To the gut. Ugh. There just is no substitute for this dish. I'm having to settle on stealing a bite of my nephew Jonah's when I get to see him. 

Homemade pasta

I got culinarily curious about making pasta, so I asked around on facebook and found a friend who gave me hers (thanks, Meg!). I see why people don't make it often. It's high maintenance, but the fresh taste seems so worth it. But then you remember how cheap it is to buy. So then you put the machine away. Either way, I can't eat much of it. Takes up too much room in the tummy, and there's no protein or vitamins to speak of. I've tried zucchini noodles. Nope. Edamame noodles were an exciting prospect since they packed in tons of protein. Nope. The textures of these just don't work for me. Not enough of a fake-out for my brain. This is the best I've been able to come up with so far:

rice noodles
They are super thin and pretty easy for me to digest if cooked long enough. I've gotten a bit of angel hair pasta down, but I'm wary. I don't want angel hair to be the gateway drug back into overeating. I use them as pasta, and with stir fries. Any time I need a noodle, this is my go-to.


No Knead Bread with rosemary

My GOD, isn't this beautiful?! Got the recipe from my friend Karen. I still love good bread, but I can just have tastes. I hope I can do a half panini or grilled cheese eventually. I also want to try a sourdough starter. I was just in Depoe Bay, Oregon and came across this shop called Toasted. Check out the menu. All kinds of toast! With delish homemade jams and toppings. What a brilliant idea. I guess it's a thing on the west coast; I want to bring it home if I can make good breads.

Pancakes of course

RIP pancakes. Never loved 'em anyway. Sugar for breakfast just isn't appealing. I'm a savory and salty girl. But the ritual was fun. And nothing beats the smell of real maple syrup filling the house.

Buffalo Wings, some kind of dip, and beer

And last but not least, a super-size RIP to this particular combo. Super Bowl Sunday will have to have some new alternatives fo sho. This is the only time I made wings myself, but as I made them, you can see, I drank beer and had lime flavored tortilla chips and some kind of yummy dip. Chowed down. These days, I just can't eat wings at all. I've tried three times. Won't stay down. Must be the fact that they are fried and loaded with flour and seasoning. Not sure. Had thought since they were full of protein, they'd be a good idea. Nope. They're pretty horrible for anyone. I can get my buffalo fix other ways!