Monday, July 11, 2016

Recent Work Summer 2016

Working feverishly in order to have 17 finished pieces by October for three shows! Here are several, and will add more as I document them. Most are 3'x3'. All collage with National Geographic magazines.

Joplin Regional Business Journal

Spiva Sketchbook Project

Trying a new thing at Spiva Center for the Arts. Crowd-funding. Year long project involving kids, adults, and their creative process. Workshops and exhibits. All will be fantastic if we can get the funds raised! I am learning a lot. Here are some scans of moleskin covers and insides from the past few years. These will be the sketchbooks that the community uses in their documentation.
Although the link will be defunct in a month, here is the link. Please donate and share, thanks.
Spiva Sketchbook Project