Here's to a healthy 2016!

Here's to a healthy 2016! Wanted to 'come out' on fb with my new self if you hadn't  already seen me in person the past several months. In May, I had gastric sleeve surgery and it has changed my life. 80 pounds and counting. Cooking almost every meal. Swimming three times/week. No lupus fatigue flares. Unbelievable creative energy. More benefits than I can count. The surgery has done this much; it's now my charge to make it my forever lifestyle. I could fuck this up royally but I won't. Surgery was not an easy decision and I had a difficult recovery; I was obese for every reason in the book. But I'm not looking back now. Our culture talks a lot about 'diet' and 'exercise' but we need a new vocabulary. And one thing I've almost never heard discussed is portion size, how much we really need for fuel. It's shocking. My new reality is about one cup per meal and special vitamins every day. For everyone I wish a strong step toward wellness, whatever that means for you in 2016. Feel free to message me if you have questions. Best.