Patchwork World

Josie’s primary medium is collage material from National Geographic magazine. The rich colors and textures from all over the globe remind her that we are citizens of the world, and that it's crucial for an artist to travel and explore. The radial design and mandala forms represent meaningful symbols from countless cultures over countless centuries. The ones she creates with collage and acrylic are personally meaningful, but do not represent a particular cultural construct.

Core  16x20” collage on canvas board  100.00    

 Slide  16x20” collage on canvas board  100.00    

Bamboo  12x12” collage on canvas  75.00    

Bamboo II  12x12” acrylic on canvas  75.00    

SeaSky  12x12” collage on canvas  75.00    

SeaSky II 12x12” acrylic and marker on canvas 75.00    

Pink Ice  12x12” collage on canvas   75.00    

Pink Ice II  12x12” acrylic and yarn on canvas  75.00    

Cactus  12x12” collage on canvas   75.00    

Serenity 16x20” gouache 100.00    

Pulse  16x20” colored pencil 100.00    

Marking 12x12” collage and acrylic on canvas  75.00    

Drip  12x12” collage and acrylic on canvas  75.00    

Disco  12x12” collage on canvas  75.00    

Jewel 12x12” collage on canvas 75.00    

Prickle  12x12” collage on canvas  75.00    

Liquid 12x12” collage on canvas  75.00