Sunday, January 18, 2015

Arlo Update

My nephew Arlo is in Kindergarten this year. I thought that his aesthetic would change dramatically once he was in school full time, under the influence of a classroom teacher, art teacher, and so many new friends and ideas. But his style is consistent, and in fact his Dad reports that the volume seems to increase. The first photo above is a pile of recent drawings; just the ones his Dad saved. This second shot is of a piece Arlo did for me specifically. The next is a collaboration between the two of us, him making a mark, then me, etc. He seemed to know his next move immediately. The last was a tic-tac-toe game we turned into much more interesting design. I love watching his creative development!

Spiva Third Grade 2015

It's that time of year again, when the Education Committee preps the space for the annual stampede of over 1000 third graders. An inspiring night, really brought tears to my eyes as I looked around the room. All graduates in art education at MSSU that I mentored; or current student teachers finally making their transition. The director of education, the magnificent Karalee, also one of mine. Amber, the supremely capable new art education faculty at MSSU who took my place, and now Ashley, the first PSU student to volunteer with the program. What a statement on building community!


My dear graduate school friends, Natalia and Jen, made it to SWMO to install an absolutely beautiful show at the MSSU Spiva Gallery called "wandersense". I got to house, chauffer and feed them, encouraging their installation any way possible. I even got a chance to help Natalia install her sculpture. We had a fantastic time, catching up, talking art and friends and family and life. All of the good stuff. As artists we need to find ways to support one another to bring the best work to light.

Arkansas Archeological Survey

Located in Fayetteville, Arkansas, this is an important resource for my partner Lance who is studying archeology. We stopped by, and while he renewed his membership, I looked around. Came across this stunning topographical map of the Ozark area. What a gorgeous painting! The Survey is now the home of thousands of artifacts found in Arkansas. Many are on display, like these photos. Most are in archival storage. I was artistically inspired by the visit!