Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Favorite Foodie Books

Some hugely influential books for me the last several years, listed in the order they came into my life...

I'll read anything this guy writes. I saw him on Oprah and was hooked. This was my first Pollan book, and it's radical yet accessible. This is legendary now: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

I've been reading Kingsolver novels since high school, but this memoir fascinated me. "This is the story of how our family was changed by our first year of deliberately eating food produced from the same place where we worked, went to school, loved our neighbors, drank the water, and breathed the air." Includes some great recipes, too.

Another Pollan. This edition was given to me by good friend, Natalia and has fantastic illustrations by Maira Kalman. I typically don't like the concept of 'rules' as an artist, but these are ones to live by:
"Avoid food products containing ingredients that a third-grader could not pronounce"
"Shop the peripheries of the supermarket and stay out of the middle"
"Eat your colors"

A beautifully illustrated book about what happens on a farm. Growing up in Kansas you'd think I had a clue. Nope. Learn how to plow a field, name all the crazy farm equipment, types of roosters and their combs, how to shear sheep, parts of a bee, what flowers are edible, and so much more. I need to appreciate where my food comes from, and the many magical steps of creation involved before it even gets to my kitchen.

Got this book for Christmas from my mother a few months before my bariatric surgery. Showed me how to purée and bring great dishes to more solid stages as I healed. Healthy recipes for everyone. Protein and portion amounts carefully listed, vital for adjusting to a new way of life. I tried lots of recipes on my friends at 'tester dinner parties.'

Gorgeous photos. Reminds me that you only need a few fresh ingredients to make an excellent dish. My friend Randi had a copy and graciously passed it on to me, along with a stack of Food and Wine magazines that I'm totally hooked on.

The latest and greatest. Present from my Dad this last Christmas. Came across the blog first, fell in love. Shows you how to organize your kitchen, stick your pantry, pick the knives that work for you. Lists essential equipment and 50 essential cooking skills. Lots of goals I can wrap my head around that are not overwhelming at this point. My kitchen is a second studio; in fact I spend more time there now than in my art studio. This book will be on my counter in reach non-stop.

Kitchen Meditation

Each day is brand-new, so is each potato  or cup of flour or whole chicken. They are not the same potato or cup of flour or whole chicken we worked with last week. Ingredients will vary in quality and freshness; they will be drier or moister, or larger or smaller. Certain items will go in and out of season, or vary according to manufacturer. Good cooks and happy cooks take pleasure in responding to these changes and variations.

Further, your kitchen might be cooler or hotter than before, or you might have a new oven or a different knife in your hand. And, just as important, you are not the same person day to day, or at least you are not dealing with the same set of moods, energies, and priorities. The nature of the world is that everything is in motion; everything is in flux. Perfection, by extension, is a moving target as well. This is both the beauty and the challenge of cooking.

So cooking well, and indeed living well, involves responding with grace and agility to whatever circumstances present themselves. Which means we have to have a certain amount of openness and trust, and a willingness to be attentive and curious. It means we have to look more closely, be more aware and alert, and more forgiving. With our eyes open, we can then discover how each moment, each circumstance, has its own perfection: this particular lemon, this pot, this rainy/sunny/snowy day; this body today, this mind, this simple, extraordinary human life.

Dana's meditation from The Kitchn Cookbook.
Photo from shower-yoga.com

Here's to a healthy 2016!

Here's to a healthy 2016! Wanted to 'come out' on fb with my new self if you hadn't  already seen me in person the past several months. In May, I had gastric sleeve surgery and it has changed my life. 80 pounds and counting. Cooking almost every meal. Swimming three times/week. No lupus fatigue flares. Unbelievable creative energy. More benefits than I can count. The surgery has done this much; it's now my charge to make it my forever lifestyle. I could fuck this up royally but I won't. Surgery was not an easy decision and I had a difficult recovery; I was obese for every reason in the book. But I'm not looking back now. Our culture talks a lot about 'diet' and 'exercise' but we need a new vocabulary. And one thing I've almost never heard discussed is portion size, how much we really need for fuel. It's shocking. My new reality is about one cup per meal and special vitamins every day. For everyone I wish a strong step toward wellness, whatever that means for you in 2016. Feel free to message me if you have questions. Best.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Artist Talk at Pittsburg Public Library

I was honored to give an artists talk about my work in October. Instead of a formal powerpoint, brought two original pieces. It was great to verbalize my process and answer thoughtful questions from the library patrons. A successful show and tell!

68th Annual Membership Show

November-December 2015 at Spiva Center for the Arts. Main Gallery.

At the opening.

Eclipse. Acrylic on canvas.

Beyond Compare

A juried Joplin Regional Artists Coalition exhibition. November-December 2015.
Spiva Center for the Arts upstairs gallery.

Concentric. Collage on cardboard.

My brother Jeremy and boyfriend Lance having a critique!

Joplin Regional Artists Showcase

The Maple Uncommon Hotel and Gallery in Columbus, Kansas. October 2015

Letter from Georgia. Acrylic and collage on cardboard.
Horrible selfie, at the opening. The artwork is in focus, but I'm not. Appropriate!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

RADIAL DESIGN sacred circles

Curated and mounted this show in the Art Connectors Community Gallery at PSU. Several participating K-12 students in Pittsburg, KS, Carl Junction, MO and Webb City, MO. Also included are my students in ART 311 Art for Elementary who constructed the large collaborative mandalas. Facilitated Family Art Day where kids were invited to create their own designs.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mother Road Coffee Selfies

Iced chai latte. Sitting with my own work. Wondering if anyone else is enjoying it...

Jessica sent this to me. Someone else noticed the work. I've made it! Thanks, Jessica!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

June Artwalk at the Carthage Antiquarium

It was a beautiful evening at the Carthage Artwalk. Had fun catching up with local artists Randi Bachman, Martha Goldman, Lauren Robertson, Hiram Mesa, Justin Camerer, and Bess Lanyon. I did my collaborative art thing for the kids; red white and blue circles and patterns. Be sure to keep up with this venue. Here's more about it:

Carthage Antiquarium is a collaborative venue for local artists and makers on the historic Carthage, Missouri square. Follow Carthage Antiquarium on Facebook and Instagram to watch our progress from big idea to a planned official grand opening in September! We'll be hosting monthly events through the summer in conjunction with Carthage Historic Downtown Art Walk as we build the gallery, develop resources for exploring local history, stock our shop with local and handmade souvenirs, and set up our coffee roasters to bring you the best in pour over and cold brew. Keep in touch to not miss all the events and activities, and contact us here or at carthageantiquarium@gmail.com to get involved!

Patchwork World

Josie’s primary medium is collage material from National Geographic magazine. The rich colors and textures from all over the globe remind her that we are citizens of the world, and that it's crucial for an artist to travel and explore. The radial design and mandala forms represent meaningful symbols from countless cultures over countless centuries. The ones she creates with collage and acrylic are personally meaningful, but do not represent a particular cultural construct.

Core  16x20” collage on canvas board  100.00    

 Slide  16x20” collage on canvas board  100.00    

Bamboo  12x12” collage on canvas  75.00    

Bamboo II  12x12” acrylic on canvas  75.00    

SeaSky  12x12” collage on canvas  75.00    

SeaSky II 12x12” acrylic and marker on canvas 75.00    

Pink Ice  12x12” collage on canvas   75.00    

Pink Ice II  12x12” acrylic and yarn on canvas  75.00    

Cactus  12x12” collage on canvas   75.00    

Serenity 16x20” gouache 100.00    

Pulse  16x20” colored pencil 100.00    

Marking 12x12” collage and acrylic on canvas  75.00    

Drip  12x12” collage and acrylic on canvas  75.00    

Disco  12x12” collage on canvas  75.00    

Jewel 12x12” collage on canvas 75.00    

Prickle  12x12” collage on canvas  75.00    

Liquid 12x12” collage on canvas  75.00