I'm Inspirational!

Just came across this lovely link on my friend and colleague Nellie Mitchell's blog: http://thislittleclassofmine.weebly.com/home/my-most-inspirational-colleague-day-7

We have such a great working relationship, and she's a hungry, challenge-seeking creative like me. I think we knew we were in the same tribe as soon as we met. I can take no credit for teaching her how to teach. Upon my arrival in Joplin, all I did was observe her student teach, ONE time! What I have been able to do is throw her one opportunity after another in the art community, as I see them come available or as I create them myself. And she is smart enough and self-aware enough to embrace those or opportunities or just say no. Not to mention creating her own hugely successful opportunities: http://nelliepalooza.weebly.com/http://www.theartofed.com/2014/09/19/the-life-of-a-traveling-teacher-with-nellie-mitchell/.

As a professor, students cycle through SO quickly, rarely do I hear, "thank you". They are off to their first jobs which is often overwhelming, and I'm off to my next project. But sometimes the magneticism sticks, and keeps sticking, rather than repel. That's me and Nellie. Thanks for the thanks, friend. Back at you big time!