Kara Walker @ Domino Sugar Factory

I was SO SO lucky to catch this temporary installation of one of my favorite artists. It was a powerful experience, so beautiful and meaningful and well-made; a whole-body experience. 

Fantastic art:21 exclusive interview of Kara and the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRkP5rcXtys

30 minute walk to entrance from where I was staying in Brooklyn. 

The line was 3 blocks long but moved regularly. 45 minute wait.

Just before the entrance, we had to sign a liability waiver since we were entering an unstable building.

Upon entering, looking to the right. As soon as I passed through the door the smell of sugar was overwhelming.

Three or four versions of larger-than life slave children dotted the way to the main sculpture.

Making way down length of factory. At times the sugar smell turned sour and I actually gagged.

Clearly had to watch your step. Melting molasses everywhere, including seepage down the walls.

The main attraction, a giant sugared slave woman sphinx. Unreal.