Friday, May 30, 2014

Kara Walker @ Domino Sugar Factory

I was SO SO lucky to catch this temporary installation of one of my favorite artists. It was a powerful experience, so beautiful and meaningful and well-made; a whole-body experience. 

Fantastic art:21 exclusive interview of Kara and the process:

30 minute walk to entrance from where I was staying in Brooklyn. 

The line was 3 blocks long but moved regularly. 45 minute wait.

Just before the entrance, we had to sign a liability waiver since we were entering an unstable building.

Upon entering, looking to the right. As soon as I passed through the door the smell of sugar was overwhelming.

Three or four versions of larger-than life slave children dotted the way to the main sculpture.

Making way down length of factory. At times the sugar smell turned sour and I actually gagged.

Clearly had to watch your step. Melting molasses everywhere, including seepage down the walls.

The main attraction, a giant sugared slave woman sphinx. Unreal.

My Space/Place

Continuous contour drawing, then painting, of my house from memory.

This is the final project example for the second session of Spiva's Art Lounge. To see some of the student examples, see
Josie’s Space/Place
My ideal space is my house in Carthage. I bought it for the large windows, the high ceilings, and the exquisite old details. This video contains photographs of my house, and how I’ve arranged and stacked things in the space. In addition, there is imagery generated from a few weeks of drawing, painting, and collaging ideas of the space. Lastly, I recently took a trip to the Met’s Islamic galleries and couldn’t stop taking photos of the art and spaces created in the galleries. A museum, not an actual mosque, but I was able to find the peace in the geometric patterns and absence of the figure. Ultimately I crave illuminated, pattern-covered, introspective space in which to live, breathe, and make art.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Arlo's Masterpiece

Arlo sent me a new drawing. The contours are his exactly, but the colors belong to at least 100 kids in Carthage and Neosho, Missouri. I painted with white acrylic between the contours onto a large piece of chipboard. Then I set out Crayola markers and encouraged kids at the Carthage Artwalk and John H. Galey Art and Music Festival in Neosho. I went back in with the acrylic to turn the smudges into more intentional-looking glazes. I'm thrilled with the result. Another great collaboration with my nephew and area kids! Happy spring!