Current Artist Statement

I make art because I have to. It is an addiction and a compulsion, keeping me balanced and sane. I've been making art, designing, arranging, and problem-solving since my bucket of crayons melted into one. Instead of crying about it, I popped out and drew with the newly-formed chunk of multicolored wax.

The work has always been crafted carefully, as opposed to expressively and messily. I have a tangible sense of control in my art that I don't have in other realms of my existence. Currently I am making work based on the whimsical drawings of my five year old nephew, Arlo. Mediums include yarn, acrylic, gouache, graphite, collage, and collaborations with the community. I am attempting to capture our common childhood creativity, renewing our collective vigor for rulelessness, abstraction, and multiple meanings.

Josie Mai
April 24th, 2014