Art Lounge: Installation and Reception

The many-armed goddess has several names and meanings in the Hindu religion: empowerment, time, death, invincibility, the ultimate power inherent in all creation. As artists we embrace this power and responsibility.

The figure we created has parts of all of us. Main body is Cori’s. Cupped hands are Josie’s. Feet are Kayla’s. Arms are the other artists. We are one.

The vessels hold the sacrifices we make for our art life: being different, unique, talented, outcast, special, set apart. Pressure to be original, accomplished, and heard.

The writings represent our laments, our “illuminated manuscripts”, our stream of consciousness, authentic and unedited.

Soft white lights shine on every element of the installation, indicating perhaps a divine light, a thumbs-up, a glowing approval of our artist path.

The Art Lounge Artists:

Blake Anderson
Brody Coursey
Abigail Danley
Shaun Dingo
Michaela Hosp
Josie Mai
Chaz McRae
Margaret Mouton
Shae Patrick
Chadan Tomlin
Kayla Tomlin
Cori Worley