Thursday, March 27, 2014

Art Lounge: Week 7

The Art Goddess begins...


Art Lounge: Week 6

It was a rare, beautiful late afternoon and we had cabin fever. So we hoofed it down Main Street to check out our installation, our big project space at Corner Greer It will be a display in three large window spaces. We spent lots of time brainstorming 3D materials and concepts. I agreed to take all of their wonderful input and create a proposal for them to approve, amend, or throw out altogether. On the way back to the art center, we fell in love with our shadows.

Art Lounge: Week 5

Art Lounge: Week 4

What a great outing in Carthage! Spent time at Drawn Together Studio with artists Sarah Huntley, Stacy Smith, and Kristin Huke. They talked about their artist lives, and how the studio started. So generous with their time and hearts. Thanks, ladies! After, we walked up the street to my house, and we dined on homemade mac and cheese and garlic bread. It was fun for the students to see my living and studio space.