Arlo and Me

I adore my nephews and niece. It has been nothing but joy to make art with them, closely observing how they play with materials and what subject matter they seem interested in. I ask them questions about their process, ask them to tell me about what they are making (never asking 'what is that'). We make pieces together, including the yummy gingerbread house.

I have been so completely inspired by Arlo's drawings. They are symmetrical, possibly symbolic, automatic, yet appear to be carefully planned design-based compositions. Almost architectural, or like maps. I've been searching for subject matter, and this is it. These unencumbered drawings allow me, as an old, anxious, careful artist to lighten up, and dive back in to a mixture of mediums I enjoy, that lend themselves naturally to Arlo's aesthetic. He hasn't seen the work yet, and hopefully I can capture his reaction to the paintings of his drawings. Bravo, Arlo! You are my muse!

For more on this series, see the Arlo Page.

Arlo Mai, 4 years old. Hard at work in his home studio in Kansas City.

Arlo's original drawing/stamping on the left. My meager attempt on the right.

Painting by Josie. Drawing by Arlo. Acrylic, glitter glue, and gloss medium on panel. 24x36".

Painting by Josie, Drawing by Arlo. Gouache on paper, 9x12".

Yarn piece by Josie, Drawing by Arlo. Yarn and white glue, 22x26".


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