ABC: Apple Butter Canning

I've been a foodie for awhile. A foodie in the sense that I want to cook as much as possible, not pay the price of the restaurant, and be in control of exactly what ingredients go into my food which then goes into my body. Don't get me wrong, I still patronize my favorite local spots, and out of sheer exhaustion give in to the ring of Taco Bell. But the last few months, I'm spending more time cooking than I am making art. The processes are similar, but now I get to eat my creations, and even share them with people I love. I know this is the beginning of a lifelong obsession, a healthy one. 

Granny Smiths from my very own yard. Samantha made an apple picker and helped me get them off the tree. She was the impetus for this whole adventure in canning! Thanks, Sam.

Followed a recipe online. Took forever to hand peel the apples, but it was quite enjoyable. The key is I have a kitchen I love to spend time in. It's full of light and comfort.

TADAAA! Just did a hot water bath, no pressure canning. That's too science-y for me at this point, and scares me a little bit. So the water bath was perfect. SO SATISFYING to hear the 'PING' as the jars pressurized. Out of about 14 jars, only 2 didn't seal. So those are the 2 I devoured first. Easy!