Sketchbook: 2005

For approximately a month now, I've been taking stock. My first big project has been to scan all of my sketchbooks since 2003. These represent the raw deal, the first impression, the play, the pondering, the manipulating...of potential finished work, of a planted seed, or simply the moment completed. I've decided I need to observe my own patterns visually, see when I was most productive or least productive with this important tool in an artist's life. The journey has revealed much to me personally and professionally. One conclusion is that I value process more than product, always have. So it is important to share this process, these years, with family, friends, students and colleagues. Art needs to be seen, period. So I'm attempting to share my sketchbook pages in as many formats as possible: Vuvox collages, facebook albums, and here on my own blog. I also planning on self-publishing a book so I can hold all of these in my hand at once, turning actual pages. I hope you gain some insight into me, you, or the act of art itself.

There's not much in 2005. I was sadly ending a spring semester, my last in grad school. I was feverishly making thesis paintings and applying to teaching positions around the midwest. In July I got my current position and moved from Brooklyn to Joplin, jumping into a full teaching load. So much prep, I didn't have much time to process in my sketchbook. I was essentially in transitional shock.