Community Art Project: MFAA

This fourth community art project was a six-summer teaching experience.

I had the extreme honor of teaching with the Missouri Fine Arts Academy, a summertime-high school-statewide-interdisciplinary arts program for six straight summers (2006-2011). It felt like my doctorate in fine arts, quickly on the heels of my MFA. The images in the collage link below are just a smattering of the afternoons of deep student artwork exploring identity and wide student artwork involving collaboration and global concerns. My charge as faculty was to give the students something they wouldn't get in their regular high school artroom. So I went big, with non-traditional materials, installation, hand-made journals, study of masters, all the while reflecting, documenting and demanding relevance to the students' lives and mine, as artists. It was the most significant teaching and art-making experience of my career thus far.