Community Art Project: ArtWorkers

This sixth and final (for now) community art project was ArtWorkers: Creativity and America.

ArtWorkers was an interdisciplinary arts celebration and exhibition at Spiva Center for the Arts, May 16-July 6 2013. For me, it was an intense yet smooth, challenging yet successful smashing partnership between co-creators Hugh Merrill, myself, and Spiva staff. We really were a communicative, unstoppable trio. Hugh conceived the Big Idea and over-arching themes of the show such as politics, ecology, and family. I recruited and essentially curated the participating visual artists and most of the events throughout the run of the exhibit. In addition, I wrote this blog and created a public survey for the exhibition. I was also proud to co-write a large National Endowment for the Arts grant, a high achievement for a small art center, indeed! These images represent the moments that I had a direct or indirect hand in, ones that perhaps touched me the most. By no means is this representative of the the entire exhibition. Special thanks to EaglePicher Technologies for sponsoring the show, Hugh Merrill for his leadership and mentorship in community art, the tireless, super-professional and visionary Spiva Staff, Eric Fischl who inspired the entire idea, and the Conrad Family. Cheers to more of this in Southwest Missouri!