SAIC MFA Show 2013

For a second time, I was in Chicago during the exhibition of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's MFA program. Show is up until May 17th at the Sullivan Galleries.

The following pieces were the most beautiful and intriguing to me, out of hundreds of them. Mostly installation or large abstract sculpture. A few videos. Hardly any painting. This made me sad. It is always fascinating to see what comparable MFA programs to mine produce in their moment.

 Milad Mozari
The Iron Rod
short film
"...takes its structure from an altered Mormon hymn and the Persian classical music system, the Radif."

 Emre Kocagil
bandits, 2013


 Celeste Rapone
oil on canvas

Yunkyoung Kay Lee
Mixed Media

"This is my childhood story of memories. Please view from outside to inside, following the triangle."

accompanying legend