Sightlines: Spiva Third Grade Visit 2013

Each year I design a gallery guide, take-home project, and collaborative project for 1200 area third graders who visit the art center in February in partnership with Spiva staff. In particular, Education Director Karalee McDonald was key in curriculum design and implementation this year! I also recruit over 100 volunteer hours. Whew. It is a huge endeavor, a gem of teamwork I am proud to be a part of. 

Below: Shaun Conroy, Spiva staff, welcomes two classses of Cecil Floyd Elementary students.
Upstairs in the classroom, students roll a die to determine how to draw their silly creatures.
1200 students each draw what hope looks like onto a fabric square. Squares will be quilted, shipped, and auctioned off to benefit families of Hurricane Sandy and local Joplin groups.