Kilts, or Why I Teach

During an art theory class discussion about Feminism and Art, somehow we talked about cross-dressing. And instead of saying "guys can wear whatever they want, guys in kilts", I SHOULD have said "guys in skirts". Because, of course, traditional Scottish dress for men is the kilt, and a male student in my class in fact wears a kilt on occasion. SO, after class I emailed him and apologized for my blunder. This was his response. I needed this:

Dear Ms Mai,

How very sweet of you! Please know that I was not at all offended. As a "Braveheart", as we kilt-wearers so proudly like to refer to ourselves, I have been the subject of a great deal, and variety, of assaults, verbally, and physically, and fluctuating in degrees of severity. I do not consider what you said in class to be among them. Your class, though, I do consider to be among the best classes that I have ever taken. It's as though you are, with crowbar in hand, prying my eyes open to the many and varied aspects that art encompasses in our lives. I thank you for that, from my heart. My life, and my artwork, are greatly enriched by it. I missed the class during Spring Break. Never did that before. So, me and my kilt have nothing but the ultimate respect for you. You are very kind to think of my feelings. Thank you so much, but think no more of it. Rest assured.

P.S. Your class today was awesome! I can't believe that I actually volunteer to make the most stupid statements ever. I even raise my hand to do it. Sheesh!


  1. Keep up the good work, Ms. Mai. Love this! (P.S. - loved the crowbar line - nice work kid!)


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