The Butterfly Effect: Dreams Take Flight

Seeing is believing or so the saying goes, but it may be the other way around. In order to see you must believe, because your horizon fits around your view of who you are. So don’t be afraid to believe you can do great things— or at least more than you think you can— and mountains will push back, lakes deepen with reflections of trees aflame with gold, and snow drifting against brilliant blue skies till you can’t tell which is simple reflection, because everything you see sharpens into brilliant hues of light and shadow. Don’t let fears frame your world too small; the widest horizon can be revealed, in even the smallest detail, if you only have the courage to see with your own eyes. anonymous

The Joplin Community Mural, headed by lead artist David Loewenstein. This was a deep and wide community-based art project, uncannily timed with the healing and rebuilding of our community. My roles included grant-writing, coordinating participation of kids through Spiva, YMCA, and Boys and Girls Club, member of the design team, and suggesting the apprentice for the project.