On the Other Side: Clayton Woolery

"A Scream of Questions"

I'm Clayton Woolery. I'm a high school junior currently studying in Washington, DC and I am fascinated by emotions and mental states. I incorporate this into my art. Joplin is my hometown and to not participate in this show at Spiva would be a huge disservice to my roots there. I was motivated to capture the moment as a visualization of the collective mind of the citizens the day it happened. My piece focuses on a rendering of "the minds eye." it is a found windowframe with two panes missing. All the materials are found and the concept of found poetry is practiced in the paper elements. My goal was to capture the emotional state that comes with disaster, a disbelief, an emptiness. I am for an art community that engages with the real world in a valid and relevant way. I believe that art is the point of existence and it is more powerful than tragedy. It is human.