Twist and Shout: The Joplin Crew

Several of us from Joplin arrived early to Twist and Shout to view the show privately, touch base with one another, and get trained on how to collect the cash from the auction sales of over 100 pieces of art work. Pictured left to right, front to back:
Cleo Copeland, Josie Mai, Meg Skaggs, Linda Kyger, Kerstin Landwer, Monica O'Flaherty and family,
Tom Brown, Karl Lipscomb, Ann Leach, Jeremy Mitchell, Nellie Mitchell, Sam Skaggs, Lauren Stauffer, Roger Buchanan, Gary Kyger, Jo Mueller, Don Ayers, David Martin. Several other Joplin residents attended the event and bid on the art. It was a truly transcendent night for all of us.