Project Reclamation: Larry Thomas

How did you come upon the Project Reclamation installation?

Matt contacted me and asked if I would be interested in participating. I went and saw the installation the first night it was on view.

What were your reactions/feelings as you viewed it? Any other stories from that event?

Its a sobering sight to see so many other people’s possessions piled up, knowing they were once the personal effects used in their day life, and that this was just a small sampling of the massive amount of debris cause by the tornado. The people who suffered such loss probably took their lives and possessions for granted, just as we all do. Then all of a sudden in a matter of minutes, devastation that will change many peoples lives forever. Its hard to imagine the anguish of so many people who lost loved ones, and then on top of that, the loss of one’s house and all the personal objects that make a home.

It was very sad, yet the prospect of making a work of art to help someone else, was very rewarding. I was thankful that Matt asked me to participate. I had made some small contributions to Joplin relief funds before this event, but being able to do something related to my field has been very gratifying.

Describe why you chose the debris you chose, and what you are doing/will do with it.

I chose a garden hose, a twisted piece of wire, a small branch, and a poster (which I didn’t incorporate into the piece.) I photographed the hose, wire, and branch and then used them in my piece. The work is a hand-colored Ultra Chrome print.

Lastly, could you finish this sentence:

"I am for an art that makes people see and think about things they haven’t seen or thought about before.”

All my best,