Project Reclamation: David Bandy

I came familiar with project reclamation, the installation, and twist and shout through word of mouth from fellow artist Jenny McCall...and my relationship with Holly Swangstu at the LV. My feelings toward the installation and Joplin in general are pretty personal. All the family on my father's side either lived or currently resides in Joplin still. I spent a lot of times growing up going on visits to my grandparents on the outskirts of Joplin. I have a lot of memories from childhood such as playing with my cousins, fishing, exploring, and even learning to drive. Much like my family, I find the people of Joplin to be a kind and simple one. Honest and hardworking for the most part. Many live their whole lives in Joplin without a desire for the complications and abundance of larger cities. I find this contentment to be honest and charming.

I grabbed a handful of debris, including vinyl and broken plastic to adhere to my canvas to make a simple tribute to a state, city, and love I have for Joplin and this project/event.

I am for an art allows self-exploration. Always. The journey into the self-conscious for myself or artist is not always an easy or self-willing one. However, the curiosity and necessity for me to explore my mental landscapes and well-being allow me a therapy and excavation of emotion not found elsewhere in life.