Project Reclamation: Chris Frye

Walking up to the installation of debris in the middle of the gallery at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, I was struck with emotion when I realized that it was made up of people's belongings that had been blown around in the tornado. Reading the pieces and looking at the photos of those affected with their whole world in shambles around them saddened me, yet there was a sense of hope and relief expressed in them. When I went to pick pieces to use in an artwork, the pile had been spread out around the gallery and it was easier to identify individual objects. I chose a birdhouse, a drawer, an electronic circuit board and a burner from a stove. My idea for the piece is to paint sparrows with banners on the outside of the drawer and to suspend the birdhouse above the circuits with the spiral of the burner crashing into the house.

I am for an art that surpasses the mundane yet accumulates dust just the same as any object in a collection of prized possessions. I am for an art that is created in the moment but evokes a lifetime of intrigue.


  1. Love it! Looking forward to meeting you Chris. Thanks for your support of the arts in Joplin.


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