Nellie's Lomography Show

(photos by Nellie Mitchell)

According to Lomography is defined as "a type of art photography in which color is emphasized. Traditionally, cameras such as the Holga, Lomo, Colorsplash, and Supersampler are used to create strange and unusual photographs. Lomographic photos are primarily characterized by vignettes (blurry and faded edges), random subjects, and nonadherance to traditional photography rules. Lomography is a pleasant break from most photojournalism."

My good friend, fellow artist and teacher Nellie Mitchell, just had an opening last Third Thursday at the Joplin Artwalk. She showed several groupings of fun and stunning photos at Tyrannosaurus Press. Nellie always draws a crowd, and this was no exception despite the 100 degree temps. Pictured here at the show is me with her, her husband Jeremy, and Karalee and Lacey, two new art teachers in the area who had the exquisite opportunity to student-teach with Nellie in her classroom. I am so proud of Nellie and her consistent, creative, and inspiring artist's life!