Local Artist: Justin Kidston

I had the privilege of meeting Justin a couple of weeks ago at the Boys and Girls Club, and discovered he is an artist. He recently showed at Columbia Traders in downtown Joplin during the Third Thursday Artwalk. Here is his story:

My name is Justin and I am currently working at the Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Missouri.

My art is about trying to set my own trail through my art, veering away from traditional styles and making things people don't see in everyday life. I'm tired of seeing your typical art pieces. I'm taking those and putting my own creative spin on them. The events of May 22 completely changed my life. The tornado destroyed my apartment and it changed alot of things for me, but if I could go back I still wouldn't change anything about that day. It humbled me; it made me realize that all my possesions are just things and I'm glad to have my life. It gave me the ability to start fresh with my life and it also helped me overcome my creative block and made it possible for me to create more artwork.

I want my artwork to make people ask questions. If they ask questions, then they are interacting with it which means it's affecting them in some way. I don't want people to just walk by my artwork, look at it, then go on the the next. I will have put something strange enough in it for them to look twice.