Dancing with Matisse

I completed this drawing, colored pencil on black paper, about 18x24". The black and white shapes are appropriated from Matisse's Acrobatic Dancer. Everything floating beneath, the concentric warm circles, the tropical blue, is mine. I've been working with these circles for quite awhile, and wanted to overlay this work with mine. Do a dance, see how our shapes move together, riff off each other. I do think this piece moves. Not in a big-top circus-spectacle kind of way, but in a passionate, caressing, mutually respectful meringue salsa kind of way. See how the lower right circles are held or embraced by the two black and white organic appendages? Those shapes seem to reach like tendrils across the surface that is punctuated by these hotspots, stepping stones, pulsating subwoofers. Or stretching into brave and proud warrior overlaying the first, second and third chakras.