Found a treasure trove of writing and painting. Abarat, by Clive Barker. Beautiful, mysterious, fascinating, terrifying, incredibly imaginative. As an artist and writer, it is clear Barker was and is (project is ongoing) obsessed. The following is found at the beginning of Part Three.

The Day is words and rage.
The Day is order, earth and gold.
It is the philosophers in their cities;
It is the map-makers in their wastelands.
It is roads and milestones,
It is panic, laughter and sobriety;
White, and all enumerated things.
It is flesh; it is revenge; it is visibility.

The Night is blue and black.
The Night is silence, poetry and love.
It is the dancers in their grove of bones,
It is all transforming things.
It is fate, it is freedom.
It is masks and silver and ambiguity,
It is blood; it is forgiveness;
It is the invisible music of instinct.

-Fasher Demerondo
The Division of the Hours