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Socks and Chimes

At my summer job, the Missouri Fine Arts Academy, I get the privilege of working with fantastic artists. Ian Merrigan is a Renaissance man of, music, spoken word, all-around special dude. We both hail from KC; way to represent! He's been recording and living in LA. What he had to say about his latest adventure:

"The band is called Socks and Chimes. It's me and Zibby and then the guy who's getting out of the shower produces us. His name is Casey Hurt. He is a fantastic musician too, so you should definitely check his stuff out, too.
There is another live video going up on youtube today. We play live a bunch in LA and somebody described it as 'a bear and a pixie singing magical love duets.' I think that's pretty accurate, actually. I would love you to post it and share it. I'm very excited about it. Our album should be done by the spring."

Thanks for putting it out there, Ian. Rock on.


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