Saturday, January 29, 2011

End of a Rope

I understand my experiences and emotions through metaphors. It is the most direct way in for me. This week I have been thinking about being at the end of two ropes, personally and professionally. In fact, I unpacked that idea with my therapist today. Thanks, Dr. B. And then like life does, I saw it in front of my face that very night at the Shriner Circus. My life does not come off as elegant and treacherous as this daring act, but it's my metaphor, right? I believe I have chosen a daring path. And the best part...after all the twirling and gasping and applause, they had to stop. They had to get down somehow. Another rope was presented, and they reached out and clung to it, letting it lead them to solid ground.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I admit I'm a junkie for CBS Sunday Morning. It's a slow, lovely report on current events, but what I appreciate is that they always feature art and writing. Today they featured artist Paula Hayes and her terrariums. I am inspired. She currently has an installation in the lobby of the MoMA. I hope to make some of my own very soon. What is appealing to me is that these are not just sculpture or plants, not just objects. They breathe. They are kind to the earth; the glass is recyclable and the material inside is all organic. I am more drawn to this philosophy of art-making, working with nature and not against it. I've used my acrylic (plastic) paint for years to make objects that hang on a wall. It may be time for a change.