Saturday, November 27, 2010

Not My Grandma's Quilt

It's my birthday. I got some new, sexy paint. I'm in a naughty mood; time to make new things. I'm thinking of the traditional quilt patterns I've been working with, like "Puss in a Corner", puss as in "cat". Why not make a new pattern and call it "Pussy in a Corner", in the great feminist tradition of non-traditional reinvention? Definitely not my Grandmother's quilt. Hee hee. I am reminded of Egyptian artist Ghada Amer and her show I saw at Brooklyn Museum in 2008. Shown here is And the Beast (2004). She stitched right onto the canvas. I started painting with my sexy tubes of Golden acrylic onto a giant blue tarp (by the way, why are tarps blue? Why not pink?). It feels great to start something new, but this something can't remain decorative pattern for me, even if it's already not traditional quilting materials. Maybe I'll keep you posted...wink wink.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Visiting Artist, Matt Dehaemers

Tuesday, friend and artist Matt Dehaemers accepted my invitation to come to MSSU and share his art with students and area artists. It was fantastic. Last year he completed a mural at the I-44 visitors center in Joplin, and this week he completed a public art piece called Catalyst at the corner of 31st and Troost in KCMO. We were honored to host him. He was on KCUR 89.3 Central Standard, interviewed about the KC piece here:

Thanks for your time and your art, Matt!

Book of Anton

I'm thrilled to announce the self-publication of a book I have been working on with a dear friend, the Book of Anton. I did the art and book design, and Kevin Still wrote the magical stories.

You can download the PDF for a buck, or buy the paperback book, or both. Just in time for the holidays! Please consider the gift of art this year for your family and friends. If sales go well, I might hike up the price so we can actually make a measly profit. But for now, we wanted to offer it to you at production cost to get it into your hands.

Happy reading.

PDF format:

Book format: