A Sense of Order

Leedy-Voulkos Art Center
Kansas City, Missouri
Sept 3-Oct 30th 2010

Opening First Friday Sept 3rd 6-9pm

I make art because it is a tangible, immediate way to process my life and what interests me visually and intuitively. Author Joanne Harris in the book Chocolat describes "a way of mapping out the random patterns of our trajectory". This is what my art does for me, it creates a sense of order to a nonsensical existence.
A range of color and value and texture reflects my changing moods.
Materials mixed, accessible and affordable, mirror my modus operandi.
Pattern calms me. It is a familiar meditation to center my soul, focus my mind, and relax my body.
Images of iconic, universal, striking, labyrinthine women: that’s who I am.
Small, intimate drawings within large, graphic installations. That’s me, too.
These are elements and subjects that I continue to explore even as I travel, see more art, meet more artists, and develop my web of experiences and relationships.
All the work is ultimately self-exploration, self-portrait.
I could pretend that I make art for causes, for other people, to further the field. But it’s for me. If you know me, you know I’m not much of an actor.
I believe life is luscious and to be explored through every pore, in a very visceral way, no regrets. And so art.