New Acquisitions

Natalia Zubko

Jen Waters

Artists are naturally collectors of art. While we don't usually make the big bucks, it is important to have work of our friends, of artists we admire and are connected to for usually personal reasons more than professional ones. I went to grad school at Parsons in NYC with these two artists. I consider them close friends, and admire their work greatly. During a recent visit to NYC where they both live and work, I was able to get these pieces. I saw Natalia's a year ago in her studio, and started lusting after it then. Over the past year, she looked at my website and found a piece of mine she was interested in. So we swapped. Jen extended the offer of a piece after I helped her with some official paperwork, vouching for her as she applied for her greencard. To thank me, she gave me artwork. So I visited her studio, and poured through her work, and got to talk through her process, what she was thinking about. I narrowed it down to two pieces she was willing to give up, and this is the one I chose for many reasons that will remain private between her and me. They are fantastic artists and people. See more of their work at their websites: