My Favorite Class

I really get into my Art Theory class. It's basically art appreciation for art majors, but I give them everything I've got. The above is the cover of a graphic design major's final project, his own art theory. I made the cover. How great is that? And he made me look fantastic!

My first assignment in that class is for the students to research me. You ask for feedback wherever you can get it in the artist's life! Each semester, there are a couple real gems that remind of why I teach:

Everything you do seems to evoke an intriguing contrast of emotions. There is something very familiar and comforting about it while also possessing bold and exotic qualities that make me uncomfortable enough to start asking questions. Questions about where I have come from and the way I affect the world around me. You compel me to become a more disciplined artist and not just a more "trained" artist. Thank you for sharing!

To see someone that is changing the world through art is so awesome. Your use of words integrated in with images is nice, but I know that for me it would be so hard to choose the perfect words for the pieces. To be honest, being able to see a teacher's work on a website is the best part about it all. Your work in the community is amazing, another way you're changing not just the world but your immediate world around you. Your new collage/ mosaic work is really cool, I love the colors you've used and the shape, not just a normal 8 x 10 or anything but odd sizes. And on a personal note away from art, I have a miniature dachshund as well, his name is Ralphie and I love him, dogs are the most loving creatures. Thank you for being such a breath of fresh air in the art department, your personality is inspiring.
When I read this I realize it sounds like I'm sucking up, and trust me, not my intention AT ALL. I think just because I had you as a teacher that was so inspirational in my own life and art world it's hard to keep some of those thoughts out of what I say when I see what you do.
Anyway, thank you for being you.