Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Work at MSSU Spiva Gallery

What is needed is the rearticulation of the 'sign' in which cultural identities may be inscribed, in other words, a work of creative reappropriation of cultural representations of all types.

Robert Nelson, Homi Bhabha

This work represents six months of playing with symbols and materials. It deals with a reconfiguration of image and organization, a turning of the soil on a set of ideas. I approached the space site-specifically, as an installation, first hanging the large pieces, then installing the black cut paper and electrical tape. Some of the symbols were created by high school students at the Missouri Fine Arts Academy. Much of the organization is based on traditional quilt patterns.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009, Good RIDDANCE

This is my dog, Gertie. Going for the jugular of 2009. I think she relished every second of thrashing it around. This is what I am doing as I'm taking stock of a dark year; ripping the f'ing stuffing out of a stupid length of days. Of course there were bright spots: my third nephew arrived, uh...OK, a bright spot. I remember a year ago, how hope-filled it was. New president for my country, new president for my university job. It quickly turned to votes of no-confidence, talk of death panels, and screaming hate-filled town halls. To sum up, here's how the last week of 2009 went: an art department colleague is busted for child porn in his office, my sister-in-law's dog Patsy Cline dies on Christmas morning, and I get diagnosed with lupus. I'm pissed. Anger is a great motivator. It's a new year. Gertie took a nap after she tore her toy apart. I just took a long walk and now I'm writing this. I refuse to take all of this laying down. A friend told me this morning that a 5 year old told her that afros are for protection from predators. Girlfriend, I am picking mine out right now. I'm double-tying my red cape and shining my pointy magical boots. Don't forget to look up in 2010. I'll be flying.