Deep Thoughts from Deep Students

Hello my name is :::::: and I am taking your online art class this Fall. I am a Junior, and an English major. I would qualify as a cool book nerd who is very eccentric and a little crazy, in a good way. I love art and kinda wish, after seeing who you are, that I would have taken your class on campus. But, hey, online classes tend to be even better in communication because you have no other choice but to openly communicate or it will not work. I really enjoyed your blog. I just love the idea of a blog because its the perfect forum for artists to be free and express themselves however they desire. Your blog is eclectic, creative, and very open and free. I enjoyed it. You seem like someone who belongs in a city that is bigger than Joplin. I don't know, like St.Louis or Chicago. Somewhere a bit bigger. I did not know we had non-stuffy and pretty funky art professors on campus. Or at least one on campus.

An Art Theory student: You remind me of myself, you said in class you won't ever talk over our heads, because your vocabulary is limited, your writing says otherwise. You know how after meeting anyone you've ever met there's always that short time period afterward, that time of contemplation, trying to decide whether or not they are someone you would want to see or talk to again? More directly; when you meet your teachers for the first time and most of them are just... whatever. Well, I like you, what I've read about you, your deep, caring, and just genuinely down to earth. The "common object" piece you wrote is especially interesting to me, you think about things, as many "artists" do, things that to an average human being, mean absolutely nothing. I really enjoy your outlook and open-mindedness towards life and things and people. I can't wait to learn more :)